From Cars To Hovering: Is the Lamborghini hoverboard a good choice?

If you are looking for the best hoverboard for the money you have available, you may be wondering if the Lamborghini hoverboard fits the bill.

This review may help you decide, especially as I have owned the Lamborghini hoverboard for several months and have been very happy with how it performs.

Well-built and durable — The Lamborghini hoverboard is well-built, durable and has been designed very well.

Its lines are sleek and cool. It has a high-gloss paint coat, and the body of the board is strong and sturdy. The pedal mat you stand on is non-slip and very solid and, its construction is such that you do not need to be too delicate with the board as it does hold up to wear and tear very well.

Smooth riding — Another thing I love about the Lamborghini hoverboard is just how smooth it is too ride, even on rough road surfaces.

Some of this is due to the construction of the board and how solid it is, and some of it is due to the larger-sized wheels that allow it to navigate rough roads and cracked roads easier.

It also has a self-balancing system, which makes it less likely to be jittery as you ride it.

Fire-safe battery — The Lamborghini hoverboard also has a fire-safe battery and charger. As some boards did explode in the past when being charged, this alone makes the Lamborghini hoverboard a good choice in my eyes.

Especially as, when it is being charged, it does not take much more than two hours to be fully-charged. It also has a long-lasting battery so, once charged, you can use it for several days before it will run down and need to be charged again.

UL certified — Since some hoverboards exploded a few years ago as they were being charged, the U.S. government recommends only buying those that are UL certified for safety.

The Lamborghini hoverboard is UL certified, which is quite a feat for a board that is still so inexpensive.

Versatile for any rider — The Lamborghini hoverboard is also wonderful as, due to its ability to carry a weight of up to 250 lbs, it can be ridden by just about anyone.

This makes it a versatile piece of equipment that does not just have to remain as the property of just one person.

Is the Lamborghini hoverboard good value for money? — As you can buy a Lambo hoverboard for as low as $240, and it comes with so many features, yes, I do think it is excellent value for money.

Especially if you are looking for a board that is cool, rides smoothly, looks nice, charges quickly and is also sturdy and durable.

A more in-depth look at the hoverboard can be found on youtube, quite easily, for example: