What is The Secret Behind The Success of ‘Episode’

What is ‘Episode’?

Released in February of 2014, Episode, a mobile game found on the IOS/Google/Amazon App store, is full of animated, interactive stories that give the player the ability to make their own choices which control the storyline.

These stories consist of mainly dramas which have a dominant female lead who has to choose her path in life and most likely will meet a dashing young male or female on the way, sometimes more than one! The player is able to choose various things such as the outfit of the character, who the characters friends are, and even whether or not the character should kiss a certain someone. Included in the game, is an option in which the player can easily create their own story, which they get to design everything, including the characters themselves, the storyline and setting, and the choices which will be offered.

What makes ‘Episode’ so Popular?

Many may wonder what makes this game so popular, perhaps you have never played it, but surely you have seen some of their strategic advertising. This game seems to be geared mainly towards predominately young females, giving them the option to be in control of their own fantasy story.

The storylines give the player the freedom that they may not have in real life, becoming the popular girl in school, marrying a prince and experiencing the life of royalty, even going on tour with Demi Lovato.


Players also get the choice to customize the main character that they will be controlling. Young females become captivated by this experience and it lets them indulge into their own little world. Some storylines even let the player experience well known storylines such as Mean Girls, or Pretty Little Liars.

These players also enjoy creating their own stories as well as getting to play other player’s creations, it gives creators a platform to unleash their creativity and get to share it with the community. Since the game itself is free to download, the developers get their revenue from in-game currency, gems, which are used to unlock exclusive ‘scenes’ or outfits, this makes the player want to spend the money to get diamonds because they want to be able to experience everything and not be left wondering what they missed out on. But don’t worry, we got your back: click her to find out how to get free gems on episode.

The game has been successful no doubt, with an estimated revenue of $90 thousand daily and 18 thousand downloads daily. With over 80 thousand storylines to choose from, the game gives the player plenty of options and covers many different genres.From vampires to royalty, ‘Episodes’ caters to a wide variety while keeping things simple, which is why it seems to be so popular.

Heck, even some big youtubers couldn’t resist the hype to try it out: