More and more people are starting to invest in bicycles as a means of transportation nowadays. Bike lanes as well as areas to secure your bicycles have been created as a way of convenience for people who use their bikes to get around. But, even with these areas to leave your bikes in there still are no guarantees that your bike will be secure. And for people who still have to take public transportation with their bicycles, it can still be an awkward and frustrating experience for you as well as other passengers with the space your bicycle will need. That is when you should consider investing in a premium foldable bicycle. There was a time when foldable bicycles were considered not strong enough to take on the wear and tear of the bumps of the streets, but now they are made much stronger and can take on the roads just like normal bikes.


There are benefits of having a foldable bike instead of a standard bike and one of them is convenience. The convenience of having a foldable bike is that they are easier to carry because of their weight and when you ride on subways and even buses, they are easier to maneuver with and they take up less space, so it doesn’t get in the way of other passengers when they have to get on or off or, when they want to have a seat. Another convenient thing about them is you can take them inside of your place of work. With a standard bike, you would have to chain it up outside and still worry about whether or not it might get stolen but, with the portability of a foldable bicycle, you can take it with you and not have to worry about that. They can also fit in the trunk of your car much easier without the hassle of having to fight with making it fit or struggle with taking it out.


Another thing about standard bikes is that storage is always a factor. if you live in a small apartment or renting a room and you need a bike to get around with you have to make that room for it and that can take up a good amount of your living space. But with a foldable bicycle, the storage space needed might only be under your bed or in the closet. It might even be up against the wall right next to your front door so that you could just pick it up on your way out the door with no problem. Even though the folding and unfolding can take some getting used to, the convenience and portability are worth it. Plus, after a while, you’ll get the hang of it like there’s nothing to it. Investing in a foldable bike is truly something to consider if you’re looking to buy a bicycle.