Can you believe we are midway 2021 already? And the World Cup is fast approaching and experts are already thinking about the national teams’ performance in said tournament.

In 2022, FIFA will be hosting the most popular and watched soccer event, the World Cup (see coverage at 스포츠중계), but only one lucky country gets to take home that crown. This event has been happening every four years since 1930 when Uruguay won its first championship of all time. If you’ve never watched any tournaments before but soccer is slowly but steadily getting your interest, then now would be good timing because Qatar 2022 is just around the corner and we have made predictions on who might come out on top.


Favorites and their unpredicted last executions


The World Cup is seen as a place where legends are made. This time, there’s no clear favorite to win the tournament but without a doubt France and Brazil seem like obvious contenders. France is the current champion, they took the World Cup back in Russia in 2018 by defeating Croatia with a final score of 4-2. In addition to that, France has won the championship back in France ‘98. Nonetheless, they didn’t do as well as people expected in the past Euro Cup, which is a great tournament to see what to expect in upcoming World Cups. Brazil on the other hand, has won the World Cup a total of 5 times, with 2002 being the last time they got crowned. With their history of great players and incredible soccer skills, there’s always high expectancy in the South American country. This year however, they lost to Argentina in Copa America, which can be seen as the counterpart of the Euro Cup for this continent.


They know what to work on, will they though?


Germany, Spain and Argentina all have their fair share of world-class players too, so we’re really looking forward to next summer with anticipation about who will emerge victorious from what promises to be an epic showdown. Germany were the reigning World Champions back in 2014. But in 2018, they were eliminated from the group stage with a bottom of the table finish – which is something we’re expecting they’ll correct this time around. Spain experienced a similar situation back in 2018 as Germany, after becoming champions in 2010 and in 2014 became the fifth holders to be eliminated from the World Cup at the first stage after their 2-0 defeat by Chile. Although Argentina has only held the World Cup title twice, their high-skilled players and incredible performance always makes us want to keep an eye on them. They are the current Copa America Champions, which keeps our hopes up. Also, the expectancy of Messi’s last World Cup appearance makes soccer fans hopeful for the Albiceleste team.