OnlyFans is a social media platform created in 2016. Tim Stokley, is the founder and CEO of the OnlyFans website. One of the primary reasons OnlyFans is at the top of social media is that it helps most artists and content creators create a money base while creating a relationship with their fans.


It simply means that OnlyFans is a social media platform created to help its users make any content behind a pay wall. This means that their fans have to pay a subscription to access their content. The exciting part is that the same fans can also pay more to message the content creators through the same platform directly.


It also helps the fans tip their best content creator and demand content that suits their interest. Through this website, its users can sell their content, videos, and pictures, whether sexual or not, to their users. The content creators get 80% of their total earnings, and the OnlyFans take a cut of 20% every month.


What Type of Content Do OnlyFans Content Creators Sell?


OnlyFans has more than 90 million content creators. The content they produce may range from social media stars, sex workers that want to earn money, escorts, porn stars, and professional sex workers, among other types of content. Some trainers and fitness models offer online classes.


Some people make content with food where they are paid eating on camera where their fans pay to watch them eat weird types and amounts of food. Many people associate OnlyFans with the display of sexual content on camera. However, OnlyFans is not exclusively for sex work, although it allows sexual content and nudity.


How Much Do Content Creators Earn Through OnlyFans?


It depends on the type of content you are producing, the amount of reach that you have. Content creators can make hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars every month. Since the invention of OnlyFans, more than 100 content creators have made over $1 million by monetizing their content on this platform. OnlyFans has paid more than $3 billion to its content creators.


Since March 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic began, OnlyFans gained more than 3.4 million subscribers, of which more than 50,000 were content creators. In the year 2020 alone, OnlyFans generated more than$2 billion in sales. The unemployment rate had increased at a 6.7% rate meaning more than 10 million people were affected by unemployed. Hence, OnlyFans became a way in which people could use to generate income.


You do not have to be a content creator to use the OnlyFans platform. Although, the website is fueled by people who do not post on the forum. For you to subscribe as a content creator, you have to create an OnlyFans account or find out how to see OnlyFans pics without paying. You can also create an account only to view content by paying for a subscription tier to the type of content you are interested in—the pay view rate ranges from a few dollars to more