Player Unlimited’s Battlegrounds, more commonly referred to as PUBG, is the most popular game on Steam right now and one of the most popular games in the world. With so many players addicted to the game, it’s no surprise that a number of hacks and cheats have been developed to give players an edge, and one of the most powerful is the infamous radar hack. Radar hacks display the location of other players on the map, and some will also display the location of weapons and other items. But considering the risk of having your account banned if a radar hack is detected, is it really worth using one? Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the pros and cons of using a PUBG radar hack.

The most compelling reason to utilize a pubg radar hack is that it can dramatically increase your chances of winning. Normally, players in PUBG cannot see each other’s locations on their map, which means that at any given moment, you could be shot in the back or sniped from afar. For many people, this adds to the excitement of the gameplay, but it’s easy to see why a radar hack gives players a significant advantage. Seeing the locations of other players allows one to easily lay traps or pick off opponents from afar while also avoiding enemy snipers or ambushes, which makes it far easier to win matches.

In addition, because PUBG awards in-game currency based on how long players survive, how many players they eliminate and how much damage they deal, a radar hack can be worth the risk even if you don’t end up winning a given round. With all other players on the map visible to you, you’re almost guaranteed to perform better even if you don’t win, which means you’ll earn more currency than normal. This is significant because many players enjoy customizers their characters with items gained from purchased loot crates.

Certain radar hacks also show the location of weapons, armor, vehicles and other items on the 2D map. This can allow players utilizing the hack to snag the best equipment, and can also help them survive the early stages of a round by showing powerful weapons and armor that are located near their starting point.

However, using a radar hack in PUBG does pose a variety of risks. To date, PUBG’s BattleEye anti-cheat system has banned over 1.5 million accounts for hacking, and as time goes on and more hacks are used, the chances of getting banned for using any particular hack will increase. Many radar hacks are supposedly ‘undetectable’ and use workarounds like utilizing a second, separate PC to run the hack, but even the most elaborate cheats aren’t truly undetectable.

In addition, players looking to improve their overall gameplay may be better off avoiding radar hacks. Radar hacks grant a significant advantage to players, but relying on this advantage will likely prevent you from improving tactical aspects of PUBG’s gameplay, such as stealth and positioning. If you utilize a radar hack to win games and it later hits the ‘detected’ list, you’ll likely find yourself having to rely on skills that you haven’t practiced even if you don’t get banned.

Overall, radar hacks are an incredibly powerful tool in PUBG, but utilizing one brings the risk of having your account banned. For players simply looking to win a few games or earn extra currency, there are certainly advantages to radar hacks, but more dedicated players may be better off putting in the time to improve their skill at the game.