If you joined Instagram a few years ago, you probably have hundreds of thousands of followers and are not too worried about getting more. If you only joined recently, however, you are probably finding it frustrating that you cannot get to a level of followers some of the earlier accounts have. Especially if your photos are really very nice.

That is why, if you are struggling to grow your instagram account, consider buying some followers. It may be the best investment you make in your social media life and also in the world of business.

Where should you buy followers? — First you need to decide where you will buy Instagram followers as there are several services that offer them.

Get recommendations from Instagram users that have done just that and find out about the service they used.

If you ask a few people, you will often find the same service (for example, comprarefollowersinstagram) popping up again and again, which will tell you it is a good one.

How many should you buy? — Deciding on the number of followers to buy is the next important thing, as this really can make or break your Instagram account.

You do not want to buy too many as that will then be a red light to Instagram that something may be wrong with your account. You also do not want to buy too few as, otherwise, it could take you years to get to a decent level.

In most cases, if you have a few hundred Instagram followers already, pay for a few hundred more to start with. If you have a few thousand, three or four thousand new ones is a good start. You can always buy more once a few weeks go by and your new followers have already settled in and become the norm for you.

How will they be delivered? — Before you choose a service to buy from, also be sure you know how many will be delivered to your Instagram account at one time.

You do not want to buy new followers from a service that delivers all five thousand within just a couple of minutes as this is something Instagram will notice.

Buy from a service that sends your new followers to you over a few days’ time, and you will end up with an account that looks like it has just had a natural growth spurt and not be anything you have paid to get.

Getting more Instagram followers after you buy — There are now two ways for you to get even more Instagram followers after you have paid for the first batch.

Either pay for a new batch with the same company or with a different one. Or wait to see how many new people start to follow you once they see how popular you are. Yes, this is one of the many bonuses of buying Instagram followers.

Once you do, you look very popular to people who like to follow popular accounts and they may just decide to follow you as well.