Nobody likes paying for things. People want things for free, but nothing in life is free. Just how much a person pays though, is up to the buyer. Some people believe that the price paid equals the value of the thing. Whatever a person’s belief is, there is a movie streaming plan that suits both the cost and the quality. Here are some of the good ones and how they measure up against the competition.


Amazon is dominating the market in practically everything these days. It’s kind of scary, but it is a reality. They have free streaming shows that anyone with an internet connection can enjoy. They also offer premium, purchase plans that work for others when they are willing to pay.

They offer Prime, a service that has benefits for making purchases and one year of access to movies that users can stream from anywhere at any time. The movies always change each month too. They even offer a free trial period.

Amazon also offers independent purchases to add like any satellite company would. Viewers can order Showtime, HBO or Stars, along with several other cable channels that were once only available for purchase previously through cable or satellite companies.


This one has become famous. Everyone knows about Netflix. It allows members to access movies at any time and with anything that can access the internet. The appeal of Netflix is a one-time monthly fee that is less than Amazon for content that can be a new release after the movie theaters have stopped showing the movie. They offer a free trial period for users that various by the offer. Some of the movies on Netflix are only available on Netflix through membership.


This company has changed over the years. It used to be completely free. Then it was a paid movie streaming site that offered membership to remove the repetitive commercials that appear during the movie.

Recently, they began offering only Hulu Plus. People can still access clips of things used by shows to bring in the audience, but membership is only available to paid members. They do offer a free trial period.

This movie streaming site is great for people looking for rare foreign movies and some other movie choices. Hulu has also begun producing their own movie productions to bring people in.


This site has some great movie streaming choices that are completely free to watch. Users can watch free movies online anywhere at any time. None of the movies are as new as the ones on Netflix, but they are always movie choices that are relatively recent and some classics that movie enthusiasts love.

All of these sites are excellent choices. There are countless more available as well today. The industry has been growing fast. Anyone, in any budget can find a great movie streaming site to enjoy from anywhere they can find an active internet connection. It’s fun and relevant for streaming movies today.